Monday, June 6, 2005

1st ~9!! ;-)

I'm jumping all over but at least I started!
(I'm filling in the ones I feel is quick and easy for me to answer...)

3rd ?: If I could be a flower...

9th?: Talk To Me!

10th?: Let it Snow!

31st?: Military~

34th?: What are your beauty secrets?

40th?: Let's Eat!

44th?: What is one invention you could not live without?

46th?: Reading~~

47th?: ~ Animal in you!



lioneyes4you said...

Hey what a good idea to catch up to the journal jar. Have fun with it. I can't wait to catch up with it myself. I've been doing mine in volumes of 5 questions each. I post my answers to the Journal Jar questions here: Have fun with it.

charminme2 said...

hope you're having a "spiffy" weekend!!          Megghan

charminme2 said...

Have a wonderful Easter!         best wishes   Megghan

charminme2 said...

Hope you are enjoying this wonderful weather!       Spring has sprung!!!  Enjoy   Megghan